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Alev Necile Dinc, heart and soul.
There is no painter more committed to the art's than Alev
Dinc.  Born and spending the first part of her
career in Turkey,
Alev and her sister left to find a better life.  In
the United States,  
Alev's accomplishments are many and
her work has been exhibited to rave reviews in museums and
exhibitions throughout the world.

Alev  Necile  Dinc, is a noted surrealistic painter and
designer for home fashions.  Her paintings draw us in with amazing
color and hold us with here themes and dramatic movement.
Alev has been reviewed by
critiques from noted publications and
is respected over the world. The
publications include;
Artspeak NY,
Dateline Journal, Who’s Who
in American Art, Manhattan Art
International, and
Arts in Paris.
...But still a Local Darling.
A Jersey Girl, now living in Northern
part of the state,
Alev Dinc is an
active member of the local art
community. Alev's paintings appear in
many local museums, events, charities
and galleries.  Including; The  
Paterson Museum in Paterson, NJ, The
 Nabisco Gallery in Fairlawn NJ, Morin
Miller Gallery in NYC, Lambert Castle
Museum in Paterson, NJ. Union Camp
Corp Gallery in Wayne NJ, and The
Mussavi Arts Center in New York,
Hung in galleries and important
throughout the world. Her
paintings have been shown at;
Washington DC, Insburg Austria,
Turkish House Gallery, NY, The Peace
Museum in Detroit, Michigan, and
Women  in Art & Culture, Beijing,
Alev's creative abilities extend past
the canvas.
 Dinc also produces and
directs.  Here's a commercial
made for Pespi and Dorito's,
Crash the
Super Bowl
called, Doritos and the
Midnight Dance
Modern Dance
Flaming Roosters
Angel Dance
Running Horses II
Running Horses