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There is no doubt that George Bostory is hard to define.  
Skilled writer, expert martial artist, competitive chess
player, innovative Special Education teacher,
actor,motivated student of all disciplines, negotiator,
entrepreneur, and gifted artist. We are not exaggerating!
What  Style of Painting is

Surrealism and Impressionism combined.
George describes his paintings as "surrealism made

On his website , he continues, "
most people who like surrealism only look at it in
books.  The don't hang it on their walls".  

Although steeped in history and multidimensional ways
of looking at common objects, there is nothing
offensive about
Bostory's paintings.  

If you like it, it can be hung in the politest homes and
conservative companies.

"If you want a painting people will remember, get a
Bostory".  John Larkin, Grace Magazine.
A View from Titan, acrylic
on canvas, 16x20
BOSTORY hides meaning right in
front of your
The Fisherman or Remembering A
painting of death and resurrection.  Inspired by van
Gogh. 11x14, acrylic on board.
The hidden meaning;

The crows represent apprehension of

The urn (The Scream) represents the
moment of death.

The beach represents the bright light
we are drawn to when we pass.

Who is the
Fisherman?  You know him.

The fisherman leads you into the
reciprocal gardens, Heaven.

George Bostory
Attack of the Inter dimensional  Sunflowers
11x14 acrylic on cardboard

Everyone stops to look at it, and everyone remembers it.
Galaxis. 16 X 20 acrylic on canvas
Bostory paints in multiple dimensions and
This painting is from the perspective of a bee.

Jasper, our hero bee, flies to a screeching stop as
he leaves the world of the vase, and enters the
dimension of the attacking sunflowers.
Kiss Me Kay, A Portrait of Kay(Kee) Vos

The Absinthe soaked Van Gogh tries to summon the
apparition of his love and cousin, Kay Vos...who
despises him.

It is rumored in some small villages  near the Hague
that so repulsed was Kay(Kee) Vos by Vincents
unwelcome advances that she cast a spell on him.

Using Van Gogh's love and lust to his demise, she
convinces Vincent that she would appear to him any
time he held is painting hand in a flame.  It has been
whispered that this torment is the real reason for
Vincent killing himself.

Do you see Kay in the painting?  She's hot!
Vincent van Gogh and Jesus or
Love and Madness  11x14 acrylic on
An expression of love and madness
between van Gogh and Gauguin as
Jesus watches over them, smiling.

Notice what Vincent is holding in his
left hand.
Phased Vase Floating in
the 5th Dimension acrylic
12 x 16
George Bostory this
was the basis for many of paintings to
No longer available.