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VIVA Jody Harrington, bringing
cultures together.  

Born in Chatham, New Jersey, Harringtion went
abroad to
The University of Mexico for a semester to
study Pre-Hispanic Art. She
fell in love with the country
and its people...
and stayed for 25 years.  

What Jody came back with is a whole new genre in art.
American Lyrical Abstractionism.
Jody's Vision remains Pure.
Living a Bohemian life style in Mexico City, Jody  exchanged  
cultures  with the city dwellers.  
Best Local Artist.Com is impressed
Harrington's respect and uncorrupted view of other
artist in all genres.   A trait
Jody tells, Best Local Artist.Com ,
acquired in Mexico.  
"VIVA EL ARTE! HA!", Jody Harrington.  
"Viva, Jody Harrington!", Best Local Artist. Com
What is American Lyrical Abstractionism
.with abstract expressionist influence?
"Harrington's art (American Lyrical
) establishes a strict relation between
plane and form through linear balance and color
, creating a poetic space within virtual time". by
Francisco Marmata, Mexican Architect and Visual Artist.
We couldn't have said it any better ourselves.  Best
Local Artist. com
Jody Harrington's painting have been given
as gifts to
diplomats and dignitaries.  Harrington's
work has been to the
White House and part of the
collection at the
Clinton Presidential Library, in
Littlerock, Arkansas. Where it still resides today.
Seashore Memories, 2010, watercolor
on Strathmore paper, 22x30
Immaculate Concept, 2010, watercolor
Strathmore paper, 22x30
The Tide, 2006, watercolor on arches
paper, 15x22
The Cove, 2006, watercolor on
arches paper, 15x22
The Huntress, Pastel 20x28
To Rockland,Pastel, matted 40x28
Marlin's Battle, watercolor 30x22
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