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Where in the world is Noah Köhler?
If you see Noah Köhler in a chic Berlin night club
with a high profile rock star... he's on her arm.

In New York, London or her native Berlin,
canvases are as
smashing as she is.  Köhler's
bold in your face style have the critiques talking.

Noah does do commission portraits.  If you can find
Best Local Artist.Com has her cell number.
Noah Köhler's more than just
pretty face.  If you meet Noah
don't be disarmed by the
sultry way she
about world and German philosophers
and has an understanding of economics
that would bring a tear to Allen
Greenspan's eye.
Noah's painting style is as elusive
as she is. Realism transformed into
surrealism, portraits, digital,
Noah Köhler does it all.
Writing a book or a game program?  If
create the illustrations or graphic design
for you.
Noah Köhler graduated from
Quantum Institute in Berlin.
Noted for their cutting edge graphics and
game design.
Noah Köhler  has written
with well known German
director, Ugur Kurkut. Well known for
his documentaries, shorts, and cinema.
Shadow Prince
Shadow Prince Blue
Shadow Prince Red
Sparta 1
Shadow Prince Green
Goddess of Calm
Goddess of Grace
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Shadow Prince is a creation of
that appears in her paintings
and an
up coming book. He is a
of the angst of the
 Shadow Prince lives in a
wonders. In
Noah's world there are no
monsters in the closet, only new
Shadow Prince, Space Lion
Terror, The Devil Outside
Musing, Funnel of Love