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Phlo Florin, 21st Century Dali

Okay, we admit, Phlo isn't a local artist.  But when Best
Local Artist
saw his work we couldn't pass him up.

We thought Florin's work looked so much like 21st
Dali's that we doubted what we were looking at.  

They are so "
clean".  At first we thought they were
computer generated paintings.  
We were wrong.  

Phlo's paintings are all created with hand, oil paint
and brush.

Romania's loss is your gain.  Yeah, Best Local Artist.Com
wants him.
Phlo Florin Man of

Some of the paintings Phlo showed
Best Local Artist looked like they came
strait out of

We wondered, what kind of person
Phlo Florin was and what he
looked like.  

A little scared, we obtained his photo

He's the nice man next store
More Surprises from Phlo.

While researching Phlo Florin we
discovered a collection of
religious icons that rival any
Best Local Artist
have ever seen.

contrast between his styles and subject
matter is hard to ignore. They conflict, yet
balance for this artist. Theres no
doubt about it,
Phlo's an interesting man.
Surrealism at its Best.

Art conni sours who like Dali will surely find
an appreciation for
Phlo Florin.

One day we may know him by just one
Abundance 19,6/23,6 inch       
Dependence  23,6/19,6 inch
Desire 27,5/19,6 inch      
Ghost Sin  15,7/11,8 inch         
Hope 23,6/15,7 inch  
Illusion 27,5/19,6 inch         
Indifference 25,5/21,6 inch  
Metaphoric End 19,6/15,7 inch        
Miss the Sea  15,7/19,6 inch  
Persistence of Memories 27,5/23,6 inch     
Still Life with My Hands 27,5/19,6 inch
Sweet Morning 19,6/15,7 inch   
Time Between Colors 23,6/19,6 inch
Restless Sleep    19,6/23,6 inch   
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