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Sea Hawk Wang-Radojčić "Who am I?  Why am I
here and where am I going?"
, are questions that Sea Hawk
asks herself and communicates so vividly in her paintings.

Best Local Artist has her answers: Sea Hawk, you are a
great artist. Your purpose is to paint, and you are going to
the stars for your dedication to humanity...Soaring.  
Think its tough to make it in New York?  
Try Beijing.

In 1997, before coming to the United States Sea Hawk was
named one of
China's 10 best artists and a national
art treasure
by Hong Kong’s Ming Magazine.

Sea Hawk had two very successful exhibitions at the The
National Museum of China, in Beijing.
"Hong Kong Returns" (1997)
"Chinese Green Revolution" (1999)
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Neil Simon would love this Couple.

As reported by YORKTOWN
on-line magazine;
Sea Hawk is a
Chinese  artist who lived through the
later years of the oppressive Mao
Zedun regime.

Later, she married  Montenegrin artist
and equal rights evangelist, Mile Seca.
Then she came to live in the United

Sea Hawk lives with her
husband in Harlem NYC, where she
lavishes the plights of urban people to

A Chinese woman and a European
man living in Harlem, painting people
of color.

If the subject matter weren't so
important it would make a good sit-com.

Presently Sea Hawk is working on several projects;  

A solo exhibition in Las Vegas (October-December, 2010),

Columbia University sponsored 3 month solo exhibition
(May-July, 2011).

In September-October 2010, the NeoPopRealism Online
Magazine features
Sea Hawk’s artwork she was
exhibiting in China.
In September-October 2010, the NeoPopRealism Online
Magazine features
Sea Hawk’s artwork she was
exhibiting in China.
Best Local Artist visited Sea Hawk at the National Arts
The AAA event exhibited paintings that would make
Philippe de Montabello jealous.  

Sea Hawks painting was given a select placement at
the entrance of juried exposition, eye level.
High Noon
Dogs Walker
was seen by all and admired by some of
the best painters in the world.
 Max Ginsburg gives close
examination to
Sea Hawk's entry.
Sea Hawk Wang is the only artist
who painted the
Chinese land grab.  
A brave undertaking in a politically
sensitive China.
High Noon Dog Walker
Best Local Artist met Sea Hawk and
uncovered a
treasure trove.

Hidden away in rolls of canvas and
linen were politically charged paintings
featuring Mao Zedun in unexpected,
almost surreal settings.
Painted in

and when we
heard the stories behind them all we
could do was stare, with our mouths

Best Local Artist  wondered why they
weren't on display in the gallery.

Although safe in The United States,
Sea Hawk remembers her early years
of the
oppressive regime and
re-education camps of Mao.

Given the
talent and history of this
artist and the
quality of her paintings,
they will hang in museums one
...or in your home or office.
First Dinner With Mom At Fashion Avenue
Medium: Oil on canvas
Size: 24" x 30"
Size: 37" x 68"
SOLD at Salmagundi Auction 3/18/11