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Susana Falconi makes a difference.
Naturalist and animal rites activist Susana Falconi
is the
finest painter of domesticated animals Best
Local Artist has ever encountered.  Her paintings
are fueled by her passion to save neglected or
unwanted animals.

Susana's results are so highly detailed they
three dimensional.  Falconi's paintings
and love of animals have brought attention to
herself and her cause.
Falconi's paintings are
clear and so is her message.
Falconi  puts the "real" into Realism.  
Susana's paintings incorporate more
fine detail than the original subject.  
Best Local Artist has coined a new
term to describe her artwork,
Did we mention, Surrealism?  
Susana's imagination reaches the beyond.  
Do you have a pet that you want to immortalize?
Falconi loves your pet too.

Susana can be commissioned to paint an original
Falconi of your beloved furry family member.
Susana Falconi Painting and Restoration extrodinaire.

Born in Quito Ecuador, Susana is descended from a long line of artist.  
Her father was a respected artist in his country as was his father.  
Painting is in the
Falconi  blood.
Falconi saves the day!
Painting restoration.  If you own an
investment grade work of art or family
air loom and it is damaged,
can fix it.  
An expert of several
techniques and color
, Susana can
duplicate the original artist/painting
down to the last stroke.
White Cat
My Left Hand
The Puppeteer
Shall We Dance?
New York Realism Jury Choice Award
Susana has a vivid and very slick style of painting which has earned
her great respect amongst r
ealist painters.  Observe the fine detail
three dimensional quality of Falconi's work.
Guess what
Susana's favorite subject matter is?
Falconi paints a fascinating combination of dreams and quantum
They are
manifestations of the sub conscience displayed in
multiple dimensions.
Falconi presents her images with the precision of a Renascence
Fallen Angel Fine Heart
Served Eggs
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